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Obsolescence is an open world, co-op “Complete the Monument” map

Why is the world floating? What are these ruins? What is hidden behind the mysterious gates in the mountains? All this and more... in Obsolescence!

The goal:

Bring together the pieces of an ancient rite to complete the magic ritual and restore natural balance in this strange world.

Obsolesence contains enough variety for all play styles. Want lore to unpack? You can explore tattered notes and the design of the world. Looking for a challenging puzzle? Tackle a dungeon! Have a desire to go caving and fight monsters? Try and find one of our large custom caves.

To find the pieces for the ritual, you must defeat monsters, solve puzzles, and use Gamemode 4 Modules – our awesome survival datapacks!

Download the Map Download Resource Pack Read Install Instructions

Our data packs have been carefully crafted to compliment the vanilla game: boosted potions, ziplines, redstone-ready machines and more.

Throughout the map these packs will be introduced, and unlocking their true potential is key to progress.

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Obsolescence is a Gamemode 4 project. It was created by Thanathor, BluePsychoRanger, ToffeeMax, MichaelMiner137, Bloo___, TheEpyonProjects, Kyrkis, JP12_, miraku_memo, Kruthers, SpecialBuilder32. Cover and logo art by miraku_memo.